Kindness Challenge Find Someone Special,

    One Disaster Home Project Transformed in 10 Days ...SURPRISE!!!

    Kindness Challenge to Pay It Forward

    to Sorin for all that he does for so many!

    The Real Hero's Of The Story...


    Wait For for the Reveal!

  • Design ReZolution

    Designer Rescue

    Thanks Natalie Whitford and all your team for everything.

  • Carmax Consulting

    Kitchen Hero

    Thanks Marc's Carmax Consulting Team for donating the Kitchen and Volunteering

  • Architectural Clearinghouse 

    Recycle & Reuse Hero

    Thanks Adam from Architectural Clearinghouse for donating!

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    Shopping Spree Hero

    Thanks Joe and the Canadian Tire team for donating!


    Thank-You for all Sponsors, Donations and our many Volunteers.

     Referral Queens Designs 

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        It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

  • Bad Things Should Not Happen to Good People...

    Edmonton has some of the nicest people with the most generous hearts!

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    World Traveller Sorin's Story...

    It all started by throwing a dart at a map.

    Sorin is always thinking of others however once he returned home from travelling abroad on philanthropic missions, he discovered his condo he rented out had been seriously trashed and damaged.

    Why did we pick him because he is a world changer and inspires so many and anything someone could do for him produces 10X the lasting ripple effect for so many others.


    Sorin is Executive Producer of his own TV series called Travel by Dart. Every episode, Sorin and his team throw a dart at the world's map and travel wherever it lands, with the purpose of helping the land and the people. Having philanthropy at the core of his heart, Sorin embraced the pay it forward movement as his purpose. If you want to check out what happen on there adventures in the North Pole, in Russia, and Uganda.


    He is also the founder of the world's largest fraud prevention mobile app, Scam Detector.


    -Click Dart ICON Travel by Dart Website 

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    Natalie's Design ReZolution the Rescuer...

    It all started with handing over the keys. 

    Natalie Whitford accepted a request to take a very time sensitive kindness challenge to help a random stranger because she dislikes when bad things happen to good people. We were honoured to have Natalie as Lead Designer of Edmonton Ultimate Makeover. She launched Design ReZolution, her "One Stop Shop" Interior Design and Home Staging studio, after she graduated from the Residential Interiors Program at the Univeristy of Alberta in 2012. She eats, breaths and lives Interior Design using her gifted sense of intuition and learnt skills, to provide professional and outstanding results. Natalie's expertise is apparant in her ability to listen closely to her clients, conceptualize their ideas and contributes her own twist of design for the end result of a beautiful expression of her clients intimate individualities. This modern designer, is an active member of CIDAA whos comfortable working with all styles while incorporating design elements using color, texture, and lighting, to define and complement any space.


    The brilliant innovative Irish/Native American has an impressive following whose clients include but are not limited too; Jayman HomeBUILT, HUDSONS Taphouse & Bar, Tapa Vino, Kids on Track, Gem Galleries, Homes for the Holiday and numerous RE-MAX Brokerages throughout Edmonton, Calgary and the surrounding areas. Natalie's objective is to help deliver sustainable, healthy, functional and beautiful commercial or residential spaces. She believes that decorating a home or office should be a rewarding journey where there is plenty of room for both spontaneity and planning.


    Natalie always encourages her clients to ask for what they want, even when they have no idea how it's going to happen. She is a Blessed and Highly favoured Interior Designer who will always go the extra distance for her clients and the people around her. It is without a doubt no wonder why Natalie was nominated for the 2014 & 2015 Womanition Award!


    Click Key ICON view Design Rezolution website


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    The Carmax Consulting Team

    Kitchen Hero ...

    It all started with a message asking us to get involved in this great story.

    Marc founder of Carmax Consulting and the team didn't hesitate when asked to give in a big way toward the kitchen donation and install on Edmonton Ultimate Makeover. Giving back to the community, is something Carmax wants to do. Carmax is built on more than installing millwork or kitchens. They are a Consumer Choice Award winning Construction Management company that specializes in both residential and commercial renovations and improvements. They work with various architectural design firms in the city to provide clients with a full service experience. Feel free to reach out to Carmax Consulting if the opportunity ever arrises where they could work on a project for you. We were especially happy to have Bennett onsite for the day of reveal, so he could see the "SURPRISE REVEAL" and be hugged with heartfelt joy for all they did.

    Click Tool ICON view Carmax Consulting website

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    Architectural Clearinghouse Hero...

    It all started with needing door knobs, bathroom pedestal, tiles, lighting and more.

    Adam's generousity helped us with many parts and pieces on this makeover. This family owned business Architectural Clearinghouse, dates back to 1988 when it was formed as a demolition/retail company. It wasn't long before there was an enormous amount of reusable building materials being diverted away from landfill and into our retail store. So much in fact, that the company had to move from its original north side location to the south side on Gateway Blvd where it grew for the next 17 years.


    During this time, the environmentally conscious recycling movement spread across Canada with many more businesses doing demolition with an eye to redirecting usable materials from landfill.


    Today, from our location in central Edmonton, Architectural Clearinghouse operates primarily as a retail outlet for new and used building materials. Our ever changing inventory comes from demolition & construction companies, businesses with excess new material, and the invaluable contributions from our customers.


    As trailblazers in the Canadian recycling movement, we at Architectural Clearinghouse are proud of our continuing commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle, thus helping to create a greener future.


    Click Shopping ICON view Architectural Clearinghouse website 

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    Canadian Tire Hero...

    It all started with buying a can of paint. 

    The staff at Canadian Tire had been seeing lots of Jennifer coming and going buying paint colours and supplies nightly. They heard our story and said Joe the General Manager of Canadian Tire loves helping, so he became one of our final Hero's to join the edmonton ultimate makeover story. That then turned into an exciting last minute donated shopping spree at Canadian Tire location, 9603 162nd Avenue. All the staff helped us on the final Day to fill carts with everything left on our shopping list from Microwave to Full Office Furniture and more.


    For more than 90 years, Canadian Tire has been providing customers with everything they need for life in Canada. Founded in 1922, Canadian Tire remains one of Canada's most recognized and trusted brands and the place that Canadians turn to every day – and more than 250 million times each year – to tackle the jobs and joys of everyday life in this country.


    Click Paintbrush ICON to view Canadian Tire website

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    Signal Hill Services the Trucking Hero...

    It all started with volunteering to demo, and take a load to the dump. 

    Shawn's owner of Signal Hill Hotshot Services has been providing Trucking for 10 years and just celebrated their business anniversary in September 2015. And what a wonderful way to give back this year by getting involved, volunteering his services on this project.  Signal Hill is a Canadian hotshot company based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta. They specialize in light hauling for the Oilfield and Construction industries. Considered one of the fastest, most reliable and well-equipped service providers in Alberta, their expertise and equipment will accommodate all your service needs in the field. New to their company is customized Sea-Cans outfitted for onlocation workshop or storage. Built for clients such as Finning Cat electrical division onsite storage trailers, and clients in Oilfeild Progress Energy 3 custom bit-shacks from the Signal Hill Services rental division, also providing Diesel & Gas fuel tanks, Rig Matting, Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe, Drill Pipe. Licensed across Canada, our services are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. When you need the job done quickly, safely and right the first time.


    Click Map ICON view Signal Hill website

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    Jerett's Double A Fencing & Contracting...

    It all started with a need for a plumber.

    Jerett was willing to help with anything we needed, even plumbing and a last minute half bathroom renovation on the main level. Helping with so many late nights to complete tasks, while also being our delivery and hauling services for many items we needed. Extraordinary handyman with a great can do attitude honoured to have him be part of the team and work with him on this project.   

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    Jennifer's The Makeover Queen...

    It all started with an idea for a pay it forward kindness challenge and turned into something Big. 

    Given the endearing nickname of Referral Queen by her many clients, Jennifer takes great pride in solving urgent or impossible problems through her relationships with people in her network.


    As a hybrid consultant she understands the value and importance of having a place to call home sweet home and how our emotions are drastically affected by our surrounding, it all has an impact on our potential for happiness and achieving success. Truly believing people can collaborate and inspire great things together she reached out to Edmonton's businesses to make this Edmonton Ultimate Makeover happen.


    On Facebook, Jennifer was nominated for a kindness challenge, find someone deserving and the next day she heard about Sorin home disaster. She was determined to PayIt Forward to Sorin, by reaching out to Edmonton's best businesses in home design, renovations, and decor to SURPRISE him. Sorin, was an obvious choice in the kindness challenge story, since he does so much for others. They both are entrepreneurs, world-travellers, and pay it forward spirited this is all because of inspiring others and the ripple effects of kindness.


    Jen boldly stated, "Bad things shouldn't happen to good people", which rallied everyone together with her passion to fix injustice, doer attitude and always wanting to right any wrongs.


    -Click Lightbulb ICON view Referral Queens Design website

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